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Exploring and
your data
using R

Andres Karjus
CUDAN lab, Tallinn University
@AndresKarjus    @aRtofdataviz

Why create your plots programmatically?

(instead of clicking a bunch of buttons every time)

Why use R?

Programming sets you free: you can do pretty much anything.

Free to explore your data any way you need - not limited by the number of basic plots (cf. Excel)

Free to present your data any way you want

Free to use any style, color and form

Free to combine or overlay any plot with any other plot

Plots created using code remain reproducible

The same code works a week, a month, a year, and likely a decade later

Easy to retain uniform style throughout your paper/thesis/book/career

No more clicking through endless menus and buttons

Time is money!

But but I'm not a programmer!

OK so why use R?

R is free and widely used
Easy to learn

Massively extendable with packages
(e.g. to make slides like these)

RStudio makes R convenient to use

Very good for stats & data science.

Enough talk. Let's make some plots.

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