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What I do

I am a senior research fellow at the CUDAN lab at Tallinn University, working on language and culture dynamics using large corpora, machine learning, but also human experiments. I recently defended my PhD student in linguistics at the Centre for Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh on lexical competition and communicative needs in language, supervised by Kenny Smith, Simon Kirby and Richard A. Blythe. I am also engaged in teaching stats and data visualization for the humanities and social sciences (see the tab above). On the right is the (of course slightly outdated) photo obligatory for all academic home pages to subtly suggest that in fact I do not spend all my time in the office at all.



  • Andres Karjus, 2020. Competition, selection and communicative need in language change. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh | pdf | 1-page non-technical summary | eestikeelne lühikokkuvõte
  • Andres Karjus, Richard A. Blythe, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith 2020. Communicative need modulates competition in language change | in review | preprint
  • Andres Karjus, Richard A. Blythe, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith 2020. Challenges in detecting evolutionary forces in language change using diachronic corpora. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 5(1), p.45. | open access | code
  • Andres Karjus, Richard A. Blythe, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith, 2020. Quantifying the dynamics of topical fluctuations in language. Language Dynamics and Change 10(1), 86-125 | open access | code
  • Andres Karjus, Martin Ehala, 2018. Testing an agent based model of language choice on sociolinguistic survey data. Language Dynamics and Change, 8, pp. 219-252 | journal link | open postprint | bib | sociolinguistic dataset: 1000 respondents, 200 questions
  • Andres Karjus, Richard A. Blythe, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith, 2018. Topical advection as a baseline model for diachronic lexical dynamics. Proceedings of The Society for Computation in Linguistics. Volume 1. [extended abstract, full paper above] | open access | bib
  • Martin Haspelmath, Andres Karjus, 2017. Explaining asymmetries in number marking: Singulatives, pluratives and usage frequency. Linguistics, volume 55, issue 6. | journal link | preprint | bib

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  • Andres Karjus, 2015. Through the Spyglass of Synchrony: Grammaticalization of the Exterior Space in the Eastern Circum-Baltic. In: Hilpert, Martin, Östman, Jan-Ola, Mertzlufft, Christine, Rießler, Michael, Duke, Janet (eds.), Advances in Nordic Linguistics. De Gruyter Mouton. | google books
  • Andres Karjus (editor), 2013. Areal linguistics, Grammar and Contacts. Special issue of the Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics, 4-2. Tartu: University of Tartu Press. | open access
  • Petar Kehayov, Eva Saar, Miina Norvik, Andres Karjus, 2013. Hääbuva kesklüüdi murde jälgedel suvel 2012 [On the footsteps of vanishing Central Lude in the summer of 2012]. Yearbook of the Estonian Mother Tongue Society, Vol. 58. | open access
  • Andres Karjus, 2012. Outdoors on the Shores of the Baltic: Gradience in the Grammaticalization of the Exterior-Region. Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics 3-1, pp. 209-226.

Conferences & seminars

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Teaching, consulting & R workshops

If you’re here about materials for an upcoming dataviz workshop: click here to go to the dedicated workshops page.


  • I have been developing teaching materials on data visualization using R, which I have used in over a dozen workshops for humanities and social science audiences since 2017, collectively under the name of aRt of the Figure (click here for more info). Some of these have been standalone events, some have been part of conferences, summer schools or academic retreats. All my materials are open source.


  • My postdoc does not include teaching activities, but I do occasional guest lectures; most recently for the Data Science and Digital Humanities programme at the University of Tartu.

Past teaching

  • I was engaged in teaching stats and R to Edinburgh Uni psychology masters students 2017-2019.
  • And worked for the Edinburgh University School of Psychology, Philosophy and Language Sciences Writing Centre 2017-2020 as awritten communication consultant, specializing in writing about and presenting data and data analysis results.
  • Developed and co-taught a course on data analysis for digital humanities at the University of Tartu in the spring of 2016.
  • Lectured on corpus linguistics and R for the Academia Salensis summer school of 2015.
  • Worked as a teaching assistant for courses on language technology and artificial intelligence, Department of Computer Science, University of Tartu, 2014-2016.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in talking about organizing a workshop on anything related to data science and statistics, data visualization, R, corpus linguistics, natural language processing applications, digital humanities, etc.

Other things

Semi-academic & science popularization stuff

Non-academic stuff

Besides research and teaching and consulting and whatnot, I (fortunately) also do other things, which mostly consist of dance (lindy hop, salsa, bachata), jazz, outdoorsy stuff (cycling, hillwalking), boardgames, and various other things.

Before Edinburgh

In the more distant past, I worked as a teaching assistant in informatics at the University of Tartu (2015-2016), before that studied artificial intelligence and natural language processing at KU Leuven (MSc) and linguistics at the University of Tartu (BA, MA). I was also affiliated 2016-2019 as a (part-time) junior researcher with the University of Tartu EKKAM sociolinguistics group, doing data analysis and agent-based models. During my pre-PhD studies I also went on exchanges to the University of Iceland and the University Vienna, attended a dozen-odd academic summer schools, taught Icelandic to art students and Estonian to Norwegian teachers, worked as an assistant at the Estonian Wordnet project, and did internships at CrossLang NV in Belgium and at (the old) Linguistics Departent of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. In earlier years, I worked various studenty sort of jobs to support my studies (for a seller of swords, for a seller of cars, for a minder of horses and tourists).


Andres Karjus, senior research fellow, CUDAN lab, Tallinn University
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